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Sailingplan 2014;

May 23rd - June 30th; Stavanger - Iceland - Jan Mayen - Bodø
Private charter

July 1st - 13th; Bodø - Brønnøysund - Træna
some available places onboard

July 13th - 22nd; Træna - Tromsø
available places onboard

July 24th - August 2nd; Tromsø - Bear Island - Longyearbyen
Some available places onboard)

August 3rd - 31st; sailing at Svalbard
Private charter

Septembter 1-6th; Longyearbyen - Mosselbukta - Longyearbyen
Private charter

September 6th - October 15th; from Svalbard to Greenland, East coast
available places onboard

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Prolific Sail Training

T/S Prolific is a training ship in the broad sense, and offers people experiential learning for life. Prolific Sail Training empowers the individual and strengthens their faith in both capacity and ability to cope with various challenges. Prolific Sail Training is about experiencing proficiency in theoretical, practical and social situations. Trainees will experience the joy and a sense of community by mastering challenges together. The ship functions as a small community where the learning environment is based on confidence, warmth and care from the regular crew and other trainees. Each one will be able to test their leadership skills and will be given responsibilities that match their abilities.

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